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Sirenomelia is a rare developmental anomaly of the caudal region of the body with varying degrees of fusion of the lower limbs. It bears resemblance to the mermaid of Greek mythology. Affected individuals exhibit a variable range of associated defects. A case of sirenomelia is presented with associated absent external genitelia, urogenital and anal orifices. The precise aetiology of sirenomelia is not known but many theories have been proposed. Antenatal diagnosis of this universally lethal condition is desirable so that possible termination of pregnancy can be offered at the earliest. A good understanding of this rare condition remains central to effective counseling and management of affected couples.

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an obstetric catastrophe

Wednesday, 20 April 2011 04:37
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Cyclopia with shoulder dystocia leading to an obstetric catastrophea



Introduction :Cyclopia is a rare fetal malformation characterized by a single palpebral fissure and a proboscis associated with severe brain malformations. Approximately 1.05 in 100,000 births including stillbirths are identified as cyclopean. The prevalence is about one in 11,000 to 20,000 in live births and one in 250 during embryogenesis.


Case presentation : A 30-year-old Indian woman of Asian origin, sixth gravida, was referred to the labor room of our hospital. There were no ultrasound examinations performed during this pregnancy as our patient had not received regular antenatal care. We found out that the head of her baby was already outside the vulva but the remaining parts of the baby were not yet delivered. Further examination was carried out and a diagnosis of shoulder dystocia with intrauterine fetal demise was made. A stillborn baby boy of 3.5 kg was delivered using McRoberts' maneuver. The baby was suspected of having features of cyclopia and this was later confirmed by autopsy and anatomic correlation. The mother had a cervical tear which extended into the lower segment of her uterus, thus leading to the rupture of her uterus. There was a massive broad ligament hematoma on the left side of her uterus. A total abdominal hysterectomy was carried out.

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